Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas in the Cube

Although we are all intelligent adults and have the best of intentions, we lose our selves sometimes. We are so consumed with to-do lists and deadlines in December that it can be easy to get wrapped up in the emotion and act a little silly in the office during the Holiday Season.

Listed below are a few reminders for us all for this festive time of the year.

#1- Please continue to use your office supplies for what they are intended for. What they are NOT intended for: the papershedder is NOT intended to make tinsel out of aluminum foil, the whole puncher is NOT intended to make holiday confetti, and your scissors and copy paper are NOT intended for paper snowflakes.

#2- Just because you know the tune for Jingle Bells and you are ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE you can recreate it on your office phone doesn't mean you should. Under any circumstances.

#3- Eating and appreciating baked goods, made with love, by your co-workers = good thing. Eating enough rum balls to get a buzz going at work = not a good thing.

#4- If a Christmas song is playing on your radio, it is not ok to point at your single, and in your opinion "loosey-goosey" co-worker, every time the caroler sings "Ho ho ho!" They will not appreciate it and you may get fruitcake shoved down your throat (which to many is more offensive then name calling).

#5- If the boss asks you to do something you don't like to do, please do not respond with "Bah Humbug!" Using holiday phrases to respond to your bosses requests is not a good idea. Remember this when you are questioned about that memo that you have seen 12 times since last Tuesday and in your frustration you are dying to respond "You know where you can send that memo??? How about over the river and through the woods, Biatch!" Smiling right afterwards doesn't seem to ease the blow either. Just. Don't. Do. It.

#6- Although Eggnog is a festive holiday drink, requesting that the water fountain lines and the water cooler tank be changed out to serve said drink is silly and your bosses may think you have lost it.

And finally...

#7- A Christmas bonus is great! Figuring out how you want to spend it is fun! Saying Thank You to your boss for their generous gift is nice and important! Hinting at how much you want for a bonus by wearing a boom box around your neck, blasting music, and you singing "Dolla Dolla Bills Ya'll" is not a good idea.

Although this list is brief, you get the jist. Enjoy the holidays, but enjoy them just enough to ensure that you will still have your job the next day.


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