Sunday, August 10, 2008

Is it dark outside?

Here is another one from Mama's Boy:

I set up a candidate in Florida for an interview in Texas. I arranged the travel for the interview and everything was all set. I received a call at about 3:30pm on the day before her interview was taking place. She called to tell me that her flight had been delayed a little over 1 hour and she thought it might be a good idea if she cancelled the interview and rescheduled it for another time. I was caught off guard and told her that there shouldn't be any problems, because she would still arrive at the hotel the night before and would have plenty of time to rest up before the interview in the morning. I then find out that the reason she wanted to cancel is, because her flight would be landing after the sun goes down and she has never driven a car in the dark before so she was afraid to drive from the hotel to the airport. 

I could not believe that a college graduate in the year 2008 has never driven after dusk. After about 10 minutes of speaking to her I made her realize that everything would be fine. Low and behold everything worked out fine and she arrived safely to her hotel. 

I get a call the next morning about 30 minutes before her interview is supposed to start and come to find out that her rental car has broken down and she is stranded on the side of the road in Texas. She is freaking out and has no clue what to do. I get her in contact with a taxi company and she takes the $50 cab ride to the interview. She then is afraid to use the replacement rental car and takes another cab ride later that day for $90 to the hotel, lunch, and back to the airport.

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