Sunday, August 10, 2008

"Going to the Loo"

Everyone has their idiosyncrasies and habits when they do something. Well my co worker Milton is no different. Milton is an odd guy. Gives everyone a nickname and if there was someone you would want to see what they do at home and watch them as a reality show- it would be him.

The oddest thing about Milton is that when he goes to the loo. He brings a little radio, can of spray with him.  As soon as he walks in he starts to spray and then walks into the large handicapped stall. Where he turns on the radio and then proceeds to take his shoes off (usually boots) and then his pants come off.  Once he is on the loo some singing may occur or some words of encouragement to himself on getting the job done may happen.   If there is no spray, he will use his cologne to try and coat the room and then do it again once he is done.

I am not sure if the oddest part is the music and occasional speaking or the fact that he takes his shoes and pants completely off.  Either way glad to see Milton feels at home in the stall!

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