Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Working in HR- people are always countering there offers.  It is typical to counter your offer- however when you counter- you usually ask for more then what you really want, so when they give you less you are actually getting that you wanted or more. With that in mind- You would think if you are going to counter an offer would it be for just $1,000.00 more?  I had a candidate being offered $73k and he emailed me asking for $74k instead.  That is a 0.48 cent an hour increase.  I can understand if that is for an hourly position.  But when you are an engineer and you are countering - don't you think you at least try to ask for $75k and if you get it great and if they at least give you $74k its what you wanted.  It cost us more then $0.48 cents between emails and phone calls just to increase it that much.  Made me laugh since it was the quickest response back from a manager on counter ever- I sent it and I got a "Do it!" a minute later.

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