Sunday, June 29, 2008

A case of the creepies....

We all catch a case of the creepies every once in a while. It can happen when someone hugs you a little too tight or too long or just too awkwardly. It can happen when you listen to some of Joe Simpson's comments on his daughters. Well it happened to me at work. I was 7-months preggers at the time. I met this shady potential employee to discuss salary, other job offers, etc...the norm for Sunny Cubicle. He proceeded to ask me repeated questions about the "Single-scene" in the area. Those single-scene questions were sprinkled with comments like "ya know, I know you don't go out clubbing right now with the baby and all but where could I meet some girls, hot girls." He then questioned me on how many women our company employed vs men? Because..."I need something to look at in the office to get me through the day. I mean, I know you're pregnant and all but you've got nice legs, I could look at those.." Can I get a Y-U-C-K? Definitely a case of the creepies!

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