Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Email rant

Hi this is Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration. I have been quiet up to this point, but something has really annoyed me lately. I transferred within my company performing and now in addition to selling high end, but affordable appliances, I was now involved HR/staffing duties for our small operation in Scranton, PA. What I wasn't informed of during the interview process was that my new co-workers email each other about each and every little thing they do. Most of my team members work remotely and I am actually the only one on my team that works in my office, but we're all on a distribution list. Email communication is great and all, but when you start emailing people to tell them you're on a particular website, taking a 5 min break, you just signed online, it gets a bit old when you have several people on the team. The worst of all is when a position has been filled. You'd think that the lead won the lottery! An email comes across through the list from the lead saying...."position 12345 is filled by candidate xyz." Next thing I know I've got 30 emails from different people all saying essentially the same thing...."You go girl!" "When you're hot, you're hot" "Awesome, great job!" "You guys rock, I love working on this team" and the best/worst of all that I've seen is "Whoop, there it is" I don't have a problem with recognition, but c'mon, send them to the person directly instead of flooding our inboxes with the same. I have better things to do than have to hit the delete key 8000 times because we filled a position. That's our job, it's not that big a deal since it happens everyday.

Will I have emails tomorrow saying "Great job, you showed up to work today, you rock!"? Perhaps.

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